Marta Heinrich

Registered Social Worker and Clinical Director

Marta has over 6 years of experience helping people overcome crisis, heal from hardships, and reach their goals. Marta specializes in helping people who experience self-doubt, dysregulated moods, relationship difficulties, eating disorders, anxiety, and depression. She brings practical knowledge from inpatient and outpatient mental health units, having worked alongside individuals with acute and chronic mental illness. She shares her knowledge and passion for the therapeutic process by regularly teaching at Laurier University and publishing original papers. Marta is an energetic LGBT2+ ally.

Marta adores art and animals. In fact, her first two degrees were in Art History and Fashion. She uses her knowledge for the arts to creatively approach her client’s issues to reach positive, unique solutions. Her love of animals is especially clear when you request to have her therapy dog Freddy in a session – no one loves this more than Marta! If you choose, Freddy will sit beside you, providing unconditional support during your during your session. If he is lucky, you may even give him a pet or two.

Having been a competitive athlete for over 20 years, Marta is an excellent clinician for athletes and high-preforming individuals. When the stakes are high, she can help you work through emotional and relationship issues that may impact performance.

Working with Marta

At the foundation of Marta’s practice is the belief that if you’re willing to challenge yourself, anything is possible. In collaborating with Marta, you will take an explorative approach to your mindset leading to empowerment, discovery, healing, and growth. Marta and her clients identify mental blockages and negative patterns together in real-time and discover their origin– exposing internal conflicts and unhelpful thoughts—to reorient you in the direction of your purpose. Her tailored approach will ignite your commitment to making meaningful changes towards a more fulfilled self.

Whether you’re struggling with self-esteem, anxiety, rapidly changing moods, or know you need to stop repeating the same harmful patterns, Marta has your back and will hold you accountable to progress.

Professional Experience and
Training Highlights

  • Psychiatric Emergency Services
  • Inpatient Mental Health Unit
  • Outpatient Psychiatric Clinic
  • Laurier University – Community Based Instructor

Clinical Training:

  • Schema Therapy, Schema Therapy Training Program
  • Clinical Hypnosis, University of Toronto
  • Sports Psychology, Ryerson University


  • Master of Social Work, Wilfrid Laurier University
  • Child and Youth Care Advanced Diploma, George Brown College
  • Master of Arts, Fashion, Ryerson University
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Art History and Classical History, Queen’s University